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Improve Skin Tone

Tailored care solutions with powerfully effective ingredients for each skin problem

  • Tailored solution

    with powerfully effective ingredients for each skin problem.

  • Vitalizing ampoule

    Contains 64% Tranexamic Solution known to help skin look more clear and translucent.

  • Smart Delivery System

    Helps skin absorption. The CeraPresso™ helps the skin absorb active ingredients.


Tranexamic Acid

Tranexamic acid, a vitalizing care ingredient that is known to help achieve translucent skin

Tranexamic Acid

Carnosine and Bisabolol

Patented Carnosine and Bisabolol that deliver moisture and translucence to tired skin

Carnosine and Bisabolol


Patented ingredient, known to help skin strengthen skin barrier



AHC Singapore

Layered Care

Infuse this ampoule into your daily regime. Dispense a sufficient amount and spread over your entire face. Tap gently to help with absorption.

Mix Care

Created to work with other formulations. Mix ampoule with other skincare products on the palm of your hand to create your own formula to effectively target your skin concern.

Mask Care

Wet cotton pads with liberal amount of ampoule and place on areas of concern. Gently remove after 10-20 minutes and lightly pat the remaining content until absorbed.