Peony Bright Spot Corrector

Volume: 20ml

Product Details

Bright, youthful looking skin

  • Effective treatment for Remove Small and large spots

    3% Niacinamide for brighter skin

  • Clinically proven results

    Regime clinically proven to improve skin pigmentation and skin melanin in 4 weeks.The regime of serum, spot corrector , cream , compact is clinically proven to reduce skin pigmentation in 4 weeks


Pink Peony

For brighter, youthful looking skin

Pink Peony

Vitamin C derivatives and Plant extracts

Clarifies and brightens skin tone 

Vitamin C derivatives and Plant extracts

Kombucha & Pink Microalgae

For moisturised and refreshed skin

Kombucha & Pink Microalgae

How to use

How to use
1. Squeeze out small amount onto uneven skin tone areas
2. Gently massage into skin until absorbed


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