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Perfect Dual Cover Cushion Glam Pink

Volume: Full Pack 6.5g + 10g

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Cover Balm & Cushion Foundation in One Pink Tone Up Cushion for Professional Makeup


    Cherry Blossom extract and other ingredients in Pink Flower Complex infused into the cover balm help render a vibrant pinkish complexion while simultaneously providing detailed coverage of pores and imperfections to keep skin smooth throughout the day.


    Star Glam Complex containing Star Powder combined with radiance technology ingredients in the cushion foundation perfects radiant skin that stays moist throughout the day.The soft-textured Hybrid Sponge soaked in nutrient-filled foundation helps maximize the glowing effect.

  • Clinically Tested

    Proven by clinical tests, Perfect Dual Cover Cushion Glam ensures long-lasting and glowing makeup with 33-hour radiance and 30-hour coverage.

No.21 Natural Tone Up Cover - Bright and pinkish beige
Natural Tone Up Cover Balm/ Natural Tone Up Cushion Foundation
No.23 Beige Tone Up Cover - Natural and tan beige
Beige Tone Up Cover Balm/ Beige Tone Up Cushion Foundation

Glam Layering Technique is a radiance technique infused in cover balm and cushion foundation, utilizing the layering effects of three different powders to create a natural and sheer radiance for skin.

Patented Radiance Formulation

Sheeting Powder and Macro-mesoporous Powder created by patented formulation method* create a brilliant luster through light reflection. * Patent #10-1470850 Macro-mesoporous Powder formulation method
Glam Layering Technique

Pink Bright Powder

Light-reflecting powder reflects rays of subtle pink in every angle
to brighten complexion.

Pink Bright Powder

Pink Flower Complex

Cherry Blossom Extract, Water Lily Extract, Rose Extract, Lotus Extract
Pink Flower Complex delivers nutrients and moisture to nurture vibrant skin.

Pink Flower Complex

Star Powder

Star Powder evenly distributes light according to particle directions to create radiant and luminous skin.

Star Powder


Cover Balm

Use the triangular section of the puff to thoroughly apply a small amount of cover balm to cover flaws, and to fill concave areas such as sides of the nose and wrinkles.

Cushion Foundation

Use the wide circular section of the puff to apply a thin layer of cushion foundation evenly along the facial contours, dabbing to ensure tight coverage.

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