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Sample Article - with Image Sizes

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Ingredients like retinol are potent and powerful. Even though the ingredient can work well with hyaluronic acid and ceramides, it cannot be applied alongside vitamin C, benzoyl peroxide or AHA/BHA acids. [partner to add any more important ingredients that can or cannot be layered]
For a hydrating and brightening routine, look out for vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid pulls and retains moisture for up to 1000 times its weight – giving you that dewy look! And it works well with vitamin C to deliver intensive hydration, to fight the look of wrinkles, and give a radiant result.
Let me take you through the different AHC formulas that use the ingredients I need (and more) to see that glow, radiant finish.
I have freshly cleansed skin, so first I am going to apply my toner.
Aqualuronic is AHC’s ultra-hydrating range. Each product is made with Triple Hyaluronic Acid for an added moisture boost, and ceramide and French seawater to lock all that moisture in.
Triple Hyaluronic Acid is one of the ingredients to keep an eye out for. While single acids might not be able to get through your top layers of skin, this improved ingredient from AHC has small, medium and large molecules that will hydrate different layers of your skin
The low molecular weight hydrate the  deepest layers of the skin to deliver maximum moisture, medium molecular weight plumps the skin cells to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and high molecular weight minimises the water loss on the surface to protect skin from dryness.
This formula works to hydrate skin and support its optimum moisture-oil balance. Using three drops onto my palm here and gently apply onto my face. Lightly pat until all soaked up – ready for your next steps.
Alternatively, you can also use Ex B5, Peony Bright toners.
Next is, emulsion. 
[holding product] Today I’m going to use Premium EX Hydra B5 Emulsion – that has pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid. Trans-Lipsome technology helps gives much more intensive and long-lasting hydration.
This is a quick moisture boost within my routine. I am going to take the Emulsion [holding product] and use a few drops all over. With all of those powerful ingredients and technologies working to hydrate my skin
And now, for some vitamin C with my serum
[text shows: Peony Bright Luminous Serum]
If you are going to include vitamin C in one of your skincare steps – make it your serum. Serums are the most effective skincare step, so you can be sure your skin is getting all of that vitamin C goodness with it in your serum.
Peony Bright uses AHC’s Vital Energy Complex: a vitamin C-rich blend to help transform dullness into radiance. Pink Peony essence in the formulas is harvested from Gangwon-Do in South Korea – one of the most pristine provinces. Peony is Known to possess brightening & antioxidant properties
I’m going to use Peony Bright Luminous Serum [holding product] that’s clinically proven to brighten skin pigmentation in just 4 weeks
To apply [pump into palm] I am going to make sure I cover across my face and neck in feather stroke-like motions. [partner to add own serum application /massage tips]
And to finish, I am going to apply my face cream.
[text shows: 365 Red Cream]
365 Red is one of AHC’s brightening ranges focused on anti-aging too. There are ingredients like vitamin B12 and Bulgarian Damask Rose that really help to transform dull skin and get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s Made with 69% pure Egyptian Red Hibiscus Flowers, a potent source of for bright, clear skin.
The key to most skincare is: less is more.
I love the application with this. You press down the top of the tub to give you a measured amount of face cream. This is fantastic for giving you just as much as you need. Then massage gently into your skin using both hands until fully absorbed. [partner to add more detail on the benefits of massage for circulation and glowing skin]
There you have my hydrating layered skincare routine with AHC: picking optimum expert Korean aesthetic formulas for the ultimate glow.



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