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Vitamin C is a vital nutrient which our body needs to grow and function healthily. The skin is no exception, but as we cannot produce the powerful antioxidant ourselves, it has become a synthetic saviour. Revitalising skin and targeting skincare woes, it’s no wonder vitamin C has become a staple in women’s skincare routine.

Vitamin C builds up the skin's two outer layers – the epidermis and dermis – which naturally diminish over time, by repairing damaged skin cells and strengthening their function. Vitamin C also boosts skin’s collagen and elastin, treats dry skin, and prevents environmental stressors and skin damage.

The following vitamin C benefits will give you a reason to anticipate the re-birth of your skin through nutrient-rich skincare.


1. It Provides Hydration

 AHC Peony Bright Toning Up Cream on a round marble table

AHC Peony Bright Toning Up Cream, enriched with vitamin C, is your go-to product for 24 hours hydration.

Amongst the range of vitamin C benefits, one that tops the list is that it is loaded with hydration. You will look forward to applying vitamin C skincare thanks to the unrivalled nutrients and moisture it offers. The secret component? Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate – a form of vitamin C that retains moisture, prevents water loss, and calms your overall complexion.

If you aim to amplify skin hydration, the AHC Peony Bright Toning Up Cream, opens in a new window should be your go-to product. To be applied after toner and serum, this cream has a light texture and therefore easily absorbed by the skin. It is enriched with vitamin C derivatives and plant extracts, kombucha, and pink microalgae, brightening your dull skin in four weeks for naturally radiant skin.


2. It Brightens Dull Skin


Your journey to bright, radiant skin starts with vitamin C. It delays melanin production – a process that leads to skin pigmentation, dull, uneven, and patchy skin tone – and increases new skin cells that brighten and balance. What's more, it tackles inflammation by fighting against free radicals and reducing damage from deep beneath the surface.

Look forward to brighter skin days with the AHC Peony Bright Luminous Serum, opens in a new window. This tone-changing serum contains vitamin C, antioxidant-rich peony and plant extracts that fade spots whilst reducing pigmentation in just four weeks. The result? A radiant, healthy and revived complexion.

For a luminous glow, try the new AHC Luminous Glow Eye Cream for Face, opens in a new window. It includes the brand’s latest exclusive ingredient, Gluta-I ™ Complex, a unique and specialised blend of ingredients including vitamin C derivatives, brightening hyaluronic acid and adenosine to stimulate collagen production. Luminous Glow Eye Cream for Face is clinically proven to brighten skin and reduce wrinkles in 14 days.


3. It Treats Hyperpigmentation


Vitamin C is renowned for treating hyperpigmentation, opens in a new window and dark spots caused by an overproduction of melanin. These common skin conditions give the face an uneven tone, dark patches, and may result in skin inflammation. By blocking melanin effectively, vitamin C prevents these unwelcome symptoms of sun exposure and aging, fading the affected areas and offering a youthful-looking base.

If you want to have balanced skin tone, add the AHC Peony Bright Spot Corrector, opens in a new window into your skincare ritual. This vitamin C skin brightening spot corrector is best used after serum and absorbs quickly when rubbed into areas of concern. Clinically proven to improve skin pigmentation and skin melanin in four weeks*, the combination of vitamin C and niacinamide also combat small spots and brightens up your skin tone.


4. It Fights the Signs of Aging

A beautiful Asian woman with youthful skin

Vitamin C strengthens the skin's structure through the promotion of collagen.

Vitamin C is here to save the day, improving and delaying the signs of aging. It is an integral nutrient in slowing the aging process, by strengthening the skin’s structure through the promotion of collagen – the protein that keeps the skin firm but gets lost with age. With aging signs such as wrinkles, skin sagging, dehydration, and pigmentation decelerated under the watchful eye of vitamin C, you can expect a healthy skin tone and improved texture over time.

Reach for the AHC Luminous Glow Real Eye Cream For Face, opens in a new window to give your skin a youthful and luminous look. Containing hero ingredients of vitamin C, glutathione, and adenosine, this formula helps smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of dark circles. If those benefits are not enough, it’s also clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and lift sagging skin in just two weeks.


5. It Minimises Redness


Facial redness can occur from irritation, sunburn, acne, dryness, and sensitive skin. High in anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin C minimises redness by replacing damaged skin cells with new ones. While it nourishes your skin, it also protects your face from redness triggers such as environmental pollutants and blotches leftover by blemishes or pimples.

If you have sensitive skin, choose skincare with a pH level that matches your skin's at around pH 5-6. Look out for a suitable vitamin C concentration, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate – which is a water-soluble form of vitamin C.

Target redness with the AHC Luminous Glow Real Eye Cream For Face, opens in a new window. This multi-functional eye cream consists of game-changing ingredients, including Gluta-I™ complex and Sweetone®, known for soothing redness, inflammation and skin discomfort. Clinically proven to brighten skin after two weeks, the vitamin C in this product prevents melanin formation and boosts skin radiance. For facial treatments, dispense an appropriate amount and apply it around the eyes and over the entire face; lightly dab until absorbed and let your skin soak in its benefits.

*The recommended regime of serum, spot corrector, cream, and compact application is clinically proven to reduce skin pigmentation in 4 weeks.


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