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We’re inviting you on a  journey to glowing, radiant skin. 21 Days to Glow brings you expert application techniques, aesthetic beauty know-how and innovative formulas – from the professionals straight to you. For today’s glowing skin lesson, Director and Master Aesthetician AHC spa zone Jay Kim – from the AHC Spa in Seoul – shows us how to create an effective anti-aging skincare regimen. Through mindful, informed application, this everyday beauty ritual can become a moment of self-care to help you reset at home.




Wondering when to start your anti-aging skincare regimen? Ultimately, it’s down to personal preference. Just remember, anti-aging skincare is not meant to reverse signs of aging that have already started but prevent and slow down the process.

In Korea, it’s common to start using anti-aging products and techniques in your late 20s.  There are countless causes for skin to age – so it’s important to protect and shield our skin from free radicals (such as sun damage, stress and pollution).


“I’ll confess, I’m already in my 40s and I have faced risks to my skin that can lead to signs of aging. I commute from Seoul’s busy city center using public transport – and you probably know what the pollution is like in the city center. This environment has many harmful elements: UV rays, CO2, blue light from devices.”

Jay Kim, Master Skincare Aesthetician
As a working mom leading a busy lifestyle,  Jay says she can often feel fatigued. Over time, stress, tiredness and harmful aggressors, start to show on your complexion. If skin cells are not protected from free radicals (like smog, dust and sun rays) they will continue to oxidize, resulting in signs of aging such as increased wrinkles and changing facial contours due to a loss of elasticity.


Anti-aging skincare

365 Red Anti Aging range

The AHC 365 Red range includes a toner, serum, eye cream and face cream. Each formula is packed with red hibiscus, known for its antioxidant properties. The essence that goes into every bottle contains 69% Egyptian Hibiscus – that’s approximately 200 hibiscus petals in every 100ml.


“Since I have been using the 365 Red routine, I have been getting many compliments from clients that my skin looks like I am in my 30s!”

Jay Kim, Master Skincare Aesthetician


This formula uses anthocyanin, extracted from the red hibiscus, which helps fight signs of aging. Vitamin B12 helps brighten skin, while damask rose helps transform dull skin and improve fine lines. Blended together, this makes a highly effective formula for slowing signs of aging.

By applying the range with various anti-aging massage techniques, each formula works even harder.


Let’s get glowing

prep your skin by applying toner with either your hand or a cotton pad. 

365 Red Toner


Now, serum , opens in a new window – our most highly concentrated formula in this routine, blended with an intense dose of hibiscus. Apply to your face and neck, using your fingertips to help absorption. This movement stimulates blood flow, which helps to improve signs of aging such as dull, sagging skin. To help target signs of aging, work from inside to out, focusing on the areas around your eyes in circular motions.

365 Red Serum


Next, eye cream , opens in a new window. With aloe vera, plum extract and strawberry juice, this formula helps to promote circulation – targeting dark circles and signs of puffiness. Wondering where its beautiful pink hue and pearlescent shine come from? It’s all thanks to  strawberry juice – infused      to help the skin around your eyes appear bright and hydrated.

365 Red Eye Cream

And finally, face cream , opens in a new window. Following the high concentration of antioxidants in our toner and serum, this anti-aging cream gives a protective layer to seal in moisture to keep your skin hydrated.

365 Red Cream


Mindful mssage

Now for turning this cream into a moment of self-care at home with a mindful massage. Massaging encourages circulation in your lymph nodes to help promote a clearer complexion and glowing skin.

Using a rhythmical massage movement, massage the back of your ears. Then, move to your forehead and      follow the shape of your facial muscles. Gently massage around your eyes in a circular shape, then follow down to your cheekbone in a U-shape. For your neck, brush upwards. Then, move back to your eye area, using your index, middle and ring fingers for compression. Follow this by using your thumb and apply firm pressure along your cheeks. And finally, press your knuckles along your jawline.

Anti Aging Massage know how by Jay Kim

Anti Aging massage with 365 Red and Jay Kim

There you have our Korean beauty anti-aging massage. To take your anti-aging Korean skincare regimen even further by following these massage techniques. Discover the full AHC 365 Red range online for optimum results

For more expert K-beauty tutorials, hacks and advice, head over to the AHC Global Instagram , opens in a new window to join our glowing skin journey.


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