How to Pick the Best Eye Cream for Your Age

If you are seeking a beneficial beauty product to add to your skincare routine, opt for an eye cream. It is your go-to formula that minimises the appearance of aging, targets fine lines, and reduces dark circles for a more radiant complexion. All of these are accomplished without being harsh on the most delicate part of your face.

The skin around your eyes tend to age quicker due to it being thinner, and containing fewer oil glands, a lack of soft tissue, and reduced collagen production. As such, when it comes to choosing the best eye cream for your skincare needs and age, always look out for the active ingredients used in a product. Vitamin B5 is ultra-hydrating, while peptides are amino acids that firm and create bounce. Finally, hyaluronic acid plumps thinning skin to bring a healthy and youthful glow.

You will be glad to know that it’s now easier than ever to find an eye cream suitable for you, whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s and above. Among all skincare products, eye creams have the highest concentration of the most advanced anti-aging technology. AHC’s award-winning The Real Eye Cream for Face series , opens in a new windowwas developed with this concept in mind, producing a highly efficacious yet gentle eye cream that can be used as a face cream too. AHC is the first brand in the market to break category moulds and elevate an eye cream into the realm of total facial care to provide resilience, hydration, brightening, and nourishing effects.

Discover the products for your age group below:


Preventive Eye Cream Treatment in Your 20’s


An Asian woman smiling and looking at the camera with AHC Luminous Glow Real Eye Cream for Face

Start eye treatment in your 20s to help prevent early signs of aging.

In your 20’s, your skin is plump, supple, and dewy, but there is more going on underneath the surface. Daily commuting, working long hours, diet consumption, and even natural actions like smiling cause the eye area to be always working in overdrive, leading to fine lines, crow’s feet, dryness, and dullness.

Using an eye cream at this stage is one of our top skin care commandments, not only because it treats any visible concerns, but it also delays and prevents any that may arise in the future. A great eye cream to add to your daily routine would be the brightening and anti-aging AHC Luminous Glow Real Eye Cream for Face, opens in a new window, which is clinically proven to brighten skin and reduce wrinkles in 14 days. Dermatologist-tested and safe for all skin types, the Luminous Glow Eye Cream for Face targets 8 skin concerns, such as fine lines, dullness and sagging skin. The cream contains the exclusive ingredient Gluta-I™ Complex, which includes the natural antioxidant glutathione that detoxes your system while brightening your skin. It’s no surprise that this K-Beauty favourite is recognised as Korea’s no. 1 eye cream.

What’s more, this 2-in-1 product is a great value for money because you can use it as a face moisturiser too – apply it after cleansing from AM to PM. Perfect for dry skin and to create a smooth base for makeup, this multitasking eye cream will become your new skincare saviour.


Slow Down Signs of Aging in Your 30’s


A packshot of AHC pure real eye cream for face on a gold background

The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face improves skin elasticity, provides ultimate hydration and firming.

Hello, 30’s! As you venture into this exciting life chapter, your skin might not be as energised as the decade before. Also, say hello to under-eye wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and sagging eyelids caused by decreasing skin elasticity and collagen.

The remedy? Slow down aging by using an innovative, dermatologist-approved eye cream that makes you feel more you. We recommend the hypoallergenic AHC Pure Real Eye Cream for Face, opens in a new window, which contains Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) to revive the skin and keep your eyes looking perky. We are not forgetting the trio of Oleanolic acid that improves skin elasticity, Salvia miltiorrhiza root extract that brightens tired-looking skin, and rice extract to calm inflammation. They all work together to firm, hydrate, and lift for instantly nourished skin. You can rely on this to improve skin elasticity, provide a facial lifting effect and retain moisture for up to 24 hours. This product has 91% natural ingredients and is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

If that is not enough good news for your skin, this blend boasts 45 clinically proven benefits – including firming, lifting, 24-hour skin hydration, and improving skin texture – that work hard to leave you with beautifully healthy and compliment-worthy skin.


Targeted Treatment in Your 40’s and Above


An Asian woman in her 40s with a nice skin touching her face

Here’s what’s happening in your 40’s and beyond: your eye area becomes drier and prone to wrinkles as oestrogen levels decrease, especially during menopause. Your skin’s elasticity breaks down, causing hooded eyelids, eye bags and a relaxing of the lymphatic system – our body’s network that gets rid of toxins – leading to puffiness.

Sounds familiar? That’s why you need a highly resilient eye cream that acts as a barrier to minimise accelerated aging. All hail the new AHC Age Defense Eye Cream for Face, opens in a new window, which features visible gold particles in an intensively creamy formula. It combines Gold Peptive™ (firming properties made of gold coating peptides) and Power Golden Thread Complex (amino acids, collagen, vitamins, and hyaluronic acids). This anti-aging elixir promises stronger and healthier skin in the comfort of your home. Backed by science, it’s the first of its kind, providing visible radiance, moisture retention and firmness in quick time. In fact, it is clinically proven to improve seven kinds of wrinkles in seven days, with a 55% reduction after 4 weeks.

An AHC infographic to tackle sign of aging in your 20s, 30s, and 40s.

How to age gracefully? We have the answers for you here!

Once you have selected the best eye cream for your specific needs, the next step is to make sure you are using it the right way, opens in a new window. Always apply your skincare products from the thinnest to thickest texture, which means that if your eye cream has a lightweight formula, you can use it after applying a serum. Equipped with all the information you need to find the perfect eye cream? Pick your favourite, opens in a new window and complete your skincare beauty ritual today


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