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Korean Beauty Class with Jay Kim: Skipcare Evening Routine

Skipcare: Discover the K-beauty trend founded on a stripped-back skincare regime

21 Days to Glow marks the start of your journey to glowing, radiant skin. We’ve enlisted professional aestheticians and skincare experts to share tips and advice – bringing the Korean aesthetic spa to your home.

We asked master skincare aesthetician Jay Kim to teach us about K-beauty’s skipcare trend. Skipcare has gained popularity as an accessible Korean skincare routine. Whether you’re low on time or your skin is looking beautiful, on evenings where you don’t need your full skincare regimen, you can follow Jay’s night-time ritual. By applying our Aqualuronic Cleanser, Aqualuronic Toner and potent Essential Real Eye Cream for Face you can see glowing, healthy results.


For an evening skipcare ritual, the only skincare steps you need are: cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

“There is a method of providing moisture and nutrients according to your skin condition. Some days that might mean 12 steps, and for other days it can be as simple as three. Adapt your routine to suit how your skin is feeling on the day”

Jay Kim, Master Skincare Aesthetician


We’ll be showing you our AHC Aqualuronic Cleanser and Toner, followed by our multi-purpose icon, Essential Real Eye Cream for Face. 


Step 1. Aqualuronic Cleanser

Jay Kim Aqualuronic Cleanser

Aqualuronic formulas combine Triple Hyaluronic Acid (of three different molecular weights) to reach the deeper layers of your skin. The low and medium molecular weights help to enhance absorption and improve the look of wrinkles, and the high weight minimizes the water loss on the surface to protect your skin from dryness. The formulas also contain a Special Moisture Solution (blending ceramides and French seawater) to help form a seal for locking in moisture.

This foam cleanser provides a deep clean with a gentle touch. The dense airy texture removes excess skin impurities, while the range’s signature Triple Hyaluronic Acid and Special Moisture Solution combination leaves skin without that post-cleanse tightness.

Using a small amount of lukewarm water, create a rich lather. Apply all over your face and neck and gently massage in for one minute, then rinse away.

Jay’s tip: an effective, hydrating cleanser needs to clean impurities without removing too much of your skin’s natural moisture. Find a formula that maintains optimum oil moisture balance. For sensitive and oily skin types, try a water-based face cleanser. For dry skin, always choose an oil-based cleanser.


Step 2. Aqualuronic Toner

Jay Kim Aqualuronic toner

This refreshing lightweight formula gently seeps into skin to refine and polish the look of your complexion’s texture. And with Aqualuronic’s Triple Hyaluronic Acid and Special Moisture Solution, skin looks hydrated, replenished and fortified.

Gently apply along the contours of your face and pat until absorbed.

Jay’s tip: wondering why and how to apply toner? This essential step provides the highest level of instant hydration. This toner is also a great choice if you are trying K-Beauty 7-layer technique. To apply, soak a cotton pad to wipe on and then tap your fingertips to help absorption.


Step 3. Essential Real Eye Cream for Face

Jay Kim Essential Real Eye Cream for Face

All the hydrating, potent anti-aging power of your favorite eye cream, in one formula for your whole face. This iconic product has become a bestseller in Korea – one sells every three seconds*. The idea came from an actress with beautiful skin who used to regularly attend an aesthetic spa in Korea, just like where Jay works today. The actress told the aesthetician her secret to beautiful skin: applying eye cream across your face.

With a nutrient-rich composition of vitamins and peptides, the formula absorbs easily into your skin. This multitasking formula is clinically proven to instantly improve skin hydration by 82%. Fine lines, dullness, texture, tone, and elasticity are all targeted for smooth, clear and bouncy skin.

This tube has the perfect applicator to precisely apply along your T-zone, three dots under your eyes, along your cheeks and laughter lines, and along your neck. Then massage in to encourage micro circulation for three minutes to help achieve brighter skin.

As your muscles sit horizontally on your forehead, massage on both sides. Then work down your nose, across to your eyes and follow the shape of your face with your fingertips, pressing firmly on your temples.


Jay’s tip: always massage upwards, to help bring back the elasticity lost with gravity and follow your facial muscles in circular motions. Then, work downwards along your jaw and finish with a massage at your acupressure point. Finally, press both hands against your cheeks, forehead, and chin to help absorption.

There you have our Korean beauty class on a night-time skipcare routine. Try the routine at home to give your skin only the most essential nourishment, with moments of self-care. Discover our Essential Real Eye Cream for Face online


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