K-Beauty Secrets: The Science Behind Aqualuronic

Learn what makes our intensely hydrating Aqualuronic range your go-to for glowing skin


At AHC, we know that finding skincare products that give you healthy, glowing skin can be hard to come by – but when you finally find the perfect face wash, toner, or serum, it’s a moment of pure magic. 21 Days to Glow is dedicated to just that – bringing you expert tips and insights to give you the glowing skin of your dreams. To discuss our highly potent, intensely hydrating formulas, we caught up with Erica Liang (Master of Material Science and Chemical Engineering) from our Research and Development team. Erica takes us through the science behind what makes Aqualuronic our most hydrating skincare range. Loved by K-beauty aestheticians and expertly crafted by scientists, our Aqualuronic , opens in a new windowskincare range exists to help you reach your skincare goals.

Erica Liang Research and Developer at AHC

All about the science

AHC skincare products are infused with potent ingredients using scientific accuracy. As one of our hero ranges for intense hydration and beautiful glass-like skin, Aqualuronic formulas are no exception. This range has been specially developed to provide intense hydration and lock in moisture, leaving skin looking healthy, with a youthful glow. The serum alone is clinically proven to increase skin hydration by 89% instantly.

How does it work?

Every product in the range contains a winning combination of Triple Hyaluronic Acid and Aqua Ceramide Complex.

Let’s delve deeper into the science behind this K-beauty formula. Unlike regular hyaluronic acid, Triple Hyaluronic Acid blends low, medium and high molecular weights.

The low and medium weights help to increase absorption to the skin*, while the high weight creates a moisture-retaining barrier. Hyaluronic acid works by pulling and retaining moisture of up to 1000 times its weight, so that’s a serious hit of hydration for your skin.

Triple Hyaluornic Acid in Aqualuronic


As we’ve mentioned, the Aqualuronic serum is also infused with an Aqua Ceramide Complex. This ceramide blend combines three marine ingredients and three ceramides (NS, NP and AP). These lipid molecules (like oils and fats) are naturally occurring components in the body, and a major component of our skin structure – being super-effective at retaining moisture in the skin's barrier. Over time, their natural levels deplete (just like hyaluronic acid) so applying a serum with ceramides gives your skin’s protective barrier a strengthening boost, increasing the ceramide levels within your skin.

Aqualuronic’s combination of hyaluronic acid, ceramides and mineral-rich French sea water works to replenish skin energy and helps fortify the moisture barrier.

 Aqua Ceramide Complex in Aqualuronic

Aqualuronic skincare: the benefits

Dreaming of beautifully radiant skin that glows with health? Triple Hyaluronic Acid reduces the appearance of wrinkles and protects skin from dryness, and three types of marine ingredients (the Aqua Ceramide complex) help lock in even more moisture. So, whether you’re using the Aqualuronic face wash, opens in a new window, toner, opens in a new window, emulsion, opens in a new window, serum , opens in a new windowor cream , opens in a new window(or the full skincare routine, opens in a new window) it’s a formulation that works exceptionally hard to deliver those must-have glowing skin results.


Performance that’s skincare savvy

So, now you know the science, time to get clued-up about the techniques AHC swear by to deliver Aesthetician-quality skincare results. Head over to our Instagram, opens in a new windowpage to learn all you need to know about getting the ultimate, luminous glow with expert K-beauty tutorials, tips and advice.

Or simply get glowing and discover the full Aqualuronic skincare range, opens in a new window



*Stratum corneum


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