Your skin cycle: the secret to naturally glowing skin

Your skin cycle: the secret to naturally glowing skin

Your skin is remarkable. Made up of 800 million cells*, it’s our biggest organ and responsible for protecting us from external irritants. Even more remarkable is the fact that skin renews itself – shedding old cells for fresh, healthy new ones every 28 days or so. However, sometimes life disrupts this finely-tuned skin cycle, which can lead to imbalanced and unpredictable behavior – from clear, glowing skin one day to dull or dehydrated skin the next. Here, with our professional expertise as the no. 1 skin care brand in Korea**, we reveal how you can support your skin cycle for a healthy and radiant complexion, all month long. 

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Excellent skin care starts with understanding your skin 

Excellent skin care starts with understanding your skin


Let’s deep dive into how a healthy skin cycle works. Every month, new cells are formed at the base of the skin’s top layer (the epidermis) which pushes older cells upwards. After approximately 28 days, these cells eventually reach the top of the epidermis and shed, allowing plump, younger cells to surface – a process known as desquamation. Think of it as a natural skin exfoliation process and the ultimate secret to a glowing complexion.
To help your skin cycle run smoothly, moisture is key. With dry skin, cells struggle to break down – causing them to clump together at the surface, which becomes visible as dull, flaky skin. The beauty equivalent to a brick wall, these layers of dead cells block your skin care and prevent moisturizing ingredients from reaching the healthy layers. So, what can you do to maintain healthy skin cycles? 


Expert, tailored skin care is key


When starting a new skin care routine, the excitement of seeing results often starts from the very first swatch – but patience is essential. Because of your skin’s monthly cycle, experts recommend giving products approximately four weeks to work, so every skin cell has the chance to experience the benefits of your routine. Another reason why applying skin care daily is key. 

However, sometimes everyday, unavoidable factors get in the way – causing skin imbalances. For example, warm weather can cause breakouts and oily skin, stress can result in dull dryness, and pigmentation may occur with aging. As a knock-on effect, this disrupts your skin cycle. 

Our expert tip to achieving healthy, youthful looking skin? Assess your skin as regularly as its monthly cycle. By frequently analyzing your skin’s behavior, you will recognize how specific factors in your daily life can affect it and intervene with specific skin care steps tailored to its needs. 


Get the perfect skin care routine with Beauty Coach™ by AHC 


Powered by scientifically backed AI technology, our personalized virtual Beauty Coach™ helps you quickly and easily assess your complexion for healthy and glowing skin.

Like having your own professional aesthetician at home, our intelligent skin diagnosis tool accurately analyzes your skin, giving you a clear reading of its wellbeing and unique needs at every point during its monthly cycle. Plus, expert skin care tips help you choose a tailored skin care routine.

Achieving your glowing skin goals starts with a selfie. Then together with the Beauty Coach™, you can monitor everyday factors such as diet, sleep, hormones, and even how much digital screen time is impacting your skin’s health. 

Using the Beauty Coach™ as regularly as your monthly skin cycle ensures the best understanding of your skin’s ever-changing needs. Giving you the expertise of a skin specialist to build and adapt an at-home beauty routine – professional aesthetic care is finally at your fingertips.  

Ready to become your own skin care expert? Try the Beauty Coach™ by AHC here. 


**Kantar WorldPanelDivisionReport about the Total Skincare Market in Korea from the time between June 18, 2018 and June 14, 2020, provided as a part of the Beauty Panel Service by Kantar Worldpanel Division.” (Copyright © Worldpanel™, Kantar 2020)


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