5-Step Skincare Routine to Reduce Blue Light Effects

You may be familiar with the impact of the sun’s UV rays, but it’s equally important to protect your skin from blue light. Also known as High Energy Visible Light (HEV), blue light is an intense visible light that penetrates to the deeper layers of your skin, called the dermis. Your skin is exposed to HEV Light every day and is extremely hard to avoid, as it comes from sunlight, indoor lighting and digital devices. So, whether you are taking selfies using your mobile phone or sitting outside on a cloudy day, you are still being exposed to HEV light.

A study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology in 2010 found that when a person is exposed to the amount of blue visible light, the skin shows a more intense reaction than from UV rays, such as darker and sustained pigmentation. So, it’s no wonder beauty experts have named blue light as our skin’s latest threat. Blue light causes collagen and elastin breakdown, causing premature skin aging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Wondering how to put together a skincare routine that fights against the effects of blue light exposure? Follow our step-by-step guide for daily skin protection and radiance.


Step 1: Prep with a Skin-Clarifying Cleanser


Cleansing is the first important step in your skincare routine as it removes dirt, makeup and excess oil. Doing it twice a day (morning and night) boosts hydration levels and allows your blue light-combating skincare products to be effectively absorbed.

Clinically proven to give you clearer skin, AHC Peony Bright Deep Cleansing Foam, opens in a new window works its magic by cleansing deep into your pores and tackling any impurities. Through its unique texture, it removes dead skin cells and gently moisturises to leave your skin feeling revitalised.

With its Korean pink peony essence and fermented black tea complex infusion, you will love taking in its calming aroma as you apply it to your skin in a circular motion. Once you are done with your therapeutic cleanse, add a splash of water to rinse before patting your skin dry gently. The result? Clarified skin with no post-cleansing tightness.


Step 2: Restore Balance with a Toner


Applying a toner is a beneficial part of your skincare routine. It removes excess oil, which can lead to clogged pores. It also balances your skin’s pH level, preventing it from becoming too oily or dry.

You can find blue light-busting ingredients in the AHC Peony Bright Clearing Toner, opens in a new window, which expertly addresses dullness and wrinkle care. With brightening peony extract, hydrating pink microalgae, fruit enzymes, and mannitol, it’s clinically proven* to remove dead skin cells immediately for a refined, clearer complexion. Plus, it adds abundant moisture to your face, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and restoring a glowing complexion.

Add 4-6 drops of the toner onto your hand or a cotton pad and wipe over the face. Then, lightly pat with your fingertips until the toner is absorbed. You’re one step closer to more radiant, youthful skin.


Step 3: Revitalise Damaged Skin with a Power-packed Serum

Packshot of AHC Peony Bright Luminous Serum

Just a few drops of Peony Bright Luminous Serum will help reduce dark spots, leaving your skin bright and radiant. (Foto: Shutterstock)

Serums are your skincare heroes when it comes to brightening dull skin. What’s more, they use a concoction of active ingredients like vitamin C to protect and rejuvenate skin cells damaged by blue light.

Containing the antioxidant-rich peony extract, plant extracts (Palmaria palmata), and vitamin C, AHC Peony Bright Luminous Serum, opens in a new window is clinically proven to reduce pigmentation in just four weeks. These powerful ingredients work in harmony to fade spots for noticeably brighter skin whilst soothing and hydrating for ultimate nourishment.

All you need to do is dispense 2-3 drops of serum onto your hand, apply it along the contours of your skin gently, and dab until fully absorbed. Good news - the luxurious non-sticky texture fully absorbs into your skin within a few seconds!


Step 4: Target and Treat Dark Spots


One of the main side effects of exposure to blue light is premature skin aging, which unfortunately means that dark spots are in the cards. This is known as hyperpigmentation, a condition caused by the overproduction of melanin and the weakening of its natural structure. Did you know that 16 hours of blue light exposure from screens everyday can cause these spots instantly?

To combat dark spots and get your skin on the road to recovery, opt for the AHC Peony Bright Spot Corrector, opens in a new window, which targets small and large spots on your face and is clinically proven to improve skin pigmentation and boost skin cells in 4 weeks. It does this through the brightening ingredients of vitamin C and pink peony extract, as well as the 3% niacinamide - a multi-purpose nutrient that helps restore skin cells from blue light-induced stress and forms a strong barrier against skin damage.

For maximum impact, dab a small amount onto uneven skin tone areas and gently massage in a circular motion.


Step 5: Moisturise for 24-hour Hydration


packshot of AHC peony beauty luminous

AHC Peony Bright range is specifically designed to target dark spots and skin pigmentation for brighter, more youthful looking skin.

Our skin can get dehydrated at the best of times, with air pollution, stress and extreme temperatures to thank for that. When it comes to blue light, the rays cause our skin to unleash free radicals (that break down our healthy cells) and diminish moisture levels. As a result, dryness, irritation and flakiness come into effect.

The solution? Use a brightening moisturiser in your daily skincare routine for round-the-clock hydration and protection. AHC Peony Bright Toning Up Cream, opens in a new window contains peony extract, pink plankton, and kombucha to hydrate and brighten. With a light texture that doesn’t leave a sticky residue, this hypoallergenic cream provides 24 hours of hydration and instant radiance, making it perfect for daytime wear. Apply at night too for a skincare boost to get the best results in 4 weeks.**

Use the enclosed spatula, apply 3-4 scoops evenly over your face and neck, and then massage with your fingers and pat gently.

AHC Peony Bright range, opens in a new window is specifically designed to protect your skin from the effects of blue light, treating dark spots, skin pigmentation, dehydration, and dull skin tone through innovative Korean skincare solutions.


*Using Cleanser and Toner together is clinically proven to help remove dead skin cells and refine your complexion

**The regime of serum, spot corrector, cream, compact is clinically proven to reduce skin pigmentation in 4 weeks


Impact of long-wavelength UVA and visible light on melanocompetent skin, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, opens in a new window 



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