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Think you need an aesthetic spa appointment for a facial massage?

Rejuvenate your skin at home with these simple techniques


It's the question on every beauty lover's mind: the secret to healthy, glowing skin. Innovative skincare formulas will help you see radiant results, but with expert application, you can make your beauty ritual work even harder. Regular massage helps to promote circulation and bring oxygen to each area of your face – this boosts collagen production, giving skin a youthful, natural glow. We asked professional aesthetician Jinny Kim to share her top massaging skincare tips. As a clinical aesthetician in the UK with over 10 years’ experience, combining Jinny’s expert application with our ultra-hydrating Aqualuronic formulas is the ultimate recipe for beautiful, glowing skin.

Tired, dull-looking skin is a really common concern, for a reason. We are having an especially overwhelming year, and this can show on our skin. The good news is that it is easy to help get your skin back on track with specialized applications and formulas.


Rejuvenating Massage with Jinny Kim

“I will tell you what I tell my clients: look after your skin the way you would your health – the two are most definitely interlinked.”

Jinny Kim, beautician and entrepreneur


The key is hydration. Clinically proven to improve skin elasticity and even skin tone after 2 weeks, Aqualuronic is the AHC range specially developed for hydration.

With these easy, rejuvenating massage techniques you can get even more from this powerful skincare range.


Step 1

This is actually two steps in one. AHC aestheticians recommend using the Aqualuronic Toner , opens in a new windowand Emulsion , opens in a new windowtogether. This creates a magic hydrating duo that supports your skin’s optimum moisture-oil balance. Both formulas are clinically proven to provide 24-hour hydration. Use three drops of each formula and mix in your palm. Then, gently apply onto your face and lightly pat until fully soaked into your skin.

Aqualuornic Emulsion with Jinny Kim

Jinny’s application tip: patting is an essential technique in K-beauty skincare. By not pulling or dragging on your skin, patting is generally gentler than rubbing products in. Plus, it helps with absorption, strengthens the formula’s effectiveness and stimulates blood flow. The result? A beautiful, natural glow. 


Step 2

Next, the Aqualuronic Serum, opens in a new window. This is a potent concentrate of the range’s hydrating ingredients, leaving skin looking dewy and supple. With five drops on your palm, gently dab onto your face and neck until fully absorbed. Apply one or two more drops for extra-dry skin or dry patches as needed.

Aqualuronic range with Jinny Kim

Jinny’s application tip: once fully absorbed, try applying another layer as a rejuvenating serum. Put your palms on your skin and gently pull away. Repeat, and take your time. Skin will look glass-like and lit from within – perfect prep for our rejuvenating massage. 


Step 3

Now for the luxurious Aqualuronic Cream. This gel-cream locks in hydration, giving your skin an intensive moisture boost. The gel formula creates a seal that works to lock in moisture, helping to improve skin firmness. Take a scoop of the cream with the enclosed spatula. Apply evenly over your face, neck, forehead and chin.

 Aqualuronic Cream

Jinny’s application tip: put your hands together and, in featherlike strokes, pull away the skin. This helps speed up absorption and lift the look of your skin. After 8 weeks of applying our Aqualuronic Cream, your skin will look bouncy, youthful and glowing.


Thanks for joining our Korean beauty masterclass on rejuvenating massage techniques. Explore the full Aqualuronic range online and try this skincare regimen at home

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